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Home was climbing and tumbling off rough walls
hot and mighty winds rattling all the shades
while spice dragons wafted down hallways

She stole you from yourself
and you became a lone r-ing
warring self coz without
you-r-self how are you to hold
your-self all together

What a mistake, the heart, the brain or even the liver! would have been a great substitute, coz without the you, you’re kinda useless.

sometimes my mind is a big bad wolf
and at other times
a nice kind heart-ed existence.

how do I not know the one who charmed the very fibers
of my heart,
spoke to each neuron and tingled connections
that i didn’t know existed

To find escape in the many folds of a flower because love isn’t an escape, but a journey #words #poetry

To catch the light and shoot it back, emblazon my life as such. There is no mistake in which direction you should lead. #words #poetry (at Stanford University, Palo Alto)

Tertiary: balance needs to be found somewhere, however haphazard it is #words

Today i regret learning to smile,
for when my lips part,
a doorway to my heart opens

There are names I wish I had remembered… #words #poetry