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The amazing-ness that is laTeX. Makes me so happy to learn new things.

atlas lifted the world on his shoulders
she carried it in her arms brazenly

A resplendent array of ravishing breathlessness, you always get caught in my line of sight

dreaming butterflies
catching hope to hopefully
live another day

we’re all in search of a place
to call home
wanderers in need of a place
to return to
a comforting place
but if this world was really
that place
we’d be kings
rather than strangers
among strangers.

Loves stories
It is a story after all.

Slow is the memory
start a fire
it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea
pictures on my phone
i stayed up to see all the faces
so many places that I missed
heart’s still beating
you can see the light tremble
watch it burn
You and I
love is insane
don’t feel the fall

Blanketing terms might be comforting, but definitely aren’t helpful.

My tongue has reached a numbness only your name could cause

That which is apparent is always the last to be noticed, so look deeply in before you use your tongue #words #thoughts