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Sometimes you have to care

rememberance to alight
the center of life.
#haiku #poetry #words #origami

The delicacy of your depth raveshes the pith of my beating caverns #flowers #origami #harebell #words #verse

Your foreign visage, how fascinating, illuminates the very depth of curiosity. #words #poetry #flowers

"Either my pain tolerance went high or I don’t feel anymore," She said.

Flowers dare to be vibrant regardless of what they face, so turn your face up to me and dare me to envelope you.

Absymally confusing roads have become, douse whatever doubt you had and continue #poetry #atlasia #photography

The pain that is felt
when you part, it drags around
until you return
#horse #walk #haiku #poetry

Let us open and close
open our heart
and close your mouth
I know you’re gonna take a hit
but I’m not going to tempt you
the aggression over aggregation is

but for a moment pause
and open your heart
see what was missing, but
you’ve been told that already
once too many times

it is your choice after all.

You explode the oxygen in me
leave the debris in rabid tracks
not a change for such order as the
“crystalline order” doesn’t suddenly
make you shine.
Your state of aggression is so involuntarily infuriating, that you don’t even react to my fuming.

All you do is break me down.