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To catch the light and shoot it back, emblazon my life as such. There is no mistake in which direction you should lead. #words #poetry (at Stanford University, Palo Alto)

Tertiary: balance needs to be found somewhere, however haphazard it is #words

Today i regret learning to smile,
for when my lips part,
a doorway to my heart opens

There are names I wish I had remembered… #words #poetry

there are names I wish i had remembered
You made us strong, so let us be that way.
my sister

it’s not that it doesn’t hurt
it hurts
i laugh at the pain myself too
but it doesn’t sting as much
because if in this dimension
you weren’t meant for me

well that makes it easy
i still love you
in the back of my mind
for now.

Hi new peeps! ^_^

welcome welcome

The bells are ringing
all that it will take
take it down
rhythm in a dancer
let it lie

they laughed at me
something is out there
remember what the people say
looks can kill
i can tell them
if you found her
that’s not the way you show love
i’m coming back
to you