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The stage was already set before you were born. How are you going to perform now?

My brother’s present to me. That, peoples, is a 8.5 x 11 box full of paperclips. Yes, i didn’t know how to react as well. The thing is others will challenge your creativity more than you ever will. So when life gives you paperclips, say thank you!

I’m glad you exist, I told him.

He smiled warmly and didn’t say anything.

It was the closest to ‘I love you’ I could ever come to.

in case you decide to ever see
the change that can be
without ever being so, well good luck
being human sucked you being
not a moment remained that
you aren’t the you were a moment
ago, nor the you will be but your
haven’t differed.
you got left long time ago.

i’ve been looking for a reason to smile,
there are many, yes but there are those specific instances that sit in the mind like a dictator, overruling the very corners of the expansive mind, and continues with a “no” stern and unforgiving, until happy is no longer or even state of being.

And so if smiles do happen, then they perhaps are lackluster. What use for a smile if it doesn’t create happy for miles.

a duct tape rolled in between the legs of a table, the kind that sits outside in courtyards with the umbrellas,
it fell -the duct tape- from the hands of the sound guy, a woman walking by smoothly moved out of the way of its roll, the roll took a turn and went and stopped between the v-shaped base of the table.

it made me smile.

teach me to live
so that I may

and breathe on
the very pith
of this

lastverse lastverse Said:



No place to call home

a wanderer

I don’t know how
to not care.

I really wish I did.